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Shirl Chouinard

trompe l'oeil studio

Shirl Chouinard

Daina has consistently provided excellent work in a very expedient manner in the design and implementation of my website. She is a great person and easy to work with! Thanks so much, and I know I'll not only refer my friends but will use her again.

Paul Miller

Evergreen Lawn Service

Paul Miller

Daina came into our office and helped us with a much better understanding of the way we organize our business including payroll, customer contracts, expense spreadsheets, and customer list organization.

  • After losing my office manager of 13 years, I found myself lost and not totally understanding all the programs that were set up to manage our office. Most of our office management is set up by spreadsheets programs. I started seeking help and was refereed to Daina Mirsch-Wenner.

    She also helped with customer mailers that we can produce in-house and developed new ideas for future office needs. She redesigned our website to be more efficient and user-friendly with updates for mobile devise users. I would highly recommend Daina!
Katie Castro

Executive Director
Minnesota Women of Today

Katie Castro

I have had the pleasure of working with Daina on the Minnesota Women of Today website for many years now. Our work together includes Web Team meetings twice per month, as well as regular maintenance and updating of our website.

    Daina consistently provides suggestions for improving our website, and has helped us to implement ways for our entire volunteer-based leadership team to be able to update their pages easily. Doing this required the creation of web-based manuals for each position, as well as training on an annual basis for the incoming leadership, and updating these manuals as needed. Daina has also been instrumental in leading us toward cloud-based storage and sharing of documents across all positions and the design and use of Google forms for collecting and compiling data for registrations, programming reviews, monthly reporting, chapter information and officer updates. All of this makes the transition of leadership from year to year so much easier.

    Daina has also been a part of developing our use of social media as both a communication and marketing tool for our organization. Daina works well with our web assistants to cross-train, and is always open to suggestions for making things as easy as possible.

    Daina takes the time to be familiar with our organization, and how we utilize all of the tools she has introduced to us, always making it her goal to be responsive to our needs. We are currently putting together a web development team to undertake a massive review of our current site to respond to our members requests and needs, such as making our website more user-friendly, and Daina will be a valued participant throughout this process.

    It is also worth noting that for the first couple years of working with Daina, she was living in Alaska; this required us to work as a team long distance across time zones. Daina was always available as needed, and even participated on our statewide committee meetings via Skype or Go To Meeting to keep in touch and answer questions as needed.

    I highly recommend Daina for all web-based needs. Her professionalism, ideas and attitude make her an invaluable member of our team, and the personal friendship we have developed is truly a pleasure.

Bonnie Olmanson

Technology Professional Development Coordinator
Onamia ISD #480

Bonnie Olmanson

I have known Daina since 1998 through our Minnesota Women of Today (MNWT) affiliation. She has served as the MNWT Webmaster for many years, and I have had the pleasure working with her as Webmaster Assistant since 2009.

  • During this time she has provided knowledge and expertise while our state organization redesigned the website to keep up with current online presence trends. Working together required online collaboration and communication since she lived in Alaska. Our most recent work has included developing procedural manuals and videos to support the MNWT Executive Council and ongoing website improvements.

    She has the ability to identify ways to streamline processes and has been patient providing training to me and the MNWT Executive Director on technology used to maintain a current, trending website for the organization. It is my pleasure to recommend Daina for her expertise in the area of website development and use of social networking to increase the online presence for organizations.
Cindy Sanders

State President
Minnesota Women of Today

Cindy Sanders

I supervised Daina when I was serving as Minnesota Women of Today state president. Daina was our Webmaster. Working with Daina was very easy as she took my direction very well. She was very timely when I made requests. Daina was the webmaster guru so she took time to explain the in's and out's of our system in a timely manner with much patience. Daina has a can do attitude and gets things done. Please feel free to call me at 612-816-8378 if you have any further questions.

Wendy Odden

Production Manager
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.

Wendy Odden

Daina is a very detail-oriented manager. She was always looking at every detail on our websites to make sure we were up-to-date in our information from each department.

  • Daina managed to wrangle a lot of people to keep our sites up-to-date and looking great. Daina is very good with staff members, the public and our clients. She was always pleasant and easy to deal with when our clients needed that extra bit of help.

    I really enjoyed working on projects with Daina. She is truly efficient, very capable, and fun to work with, even when it is stressful. I truly wish she had been able to stay in Alaska so we didn't have to lose her expertise. Daina will be missed greatly. She was a joy to have on staff.


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