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Welcome to the Gelco ExpenseLink/Direct® Implementation Guide. This Implementation Guide is designed especially for the person responsible for setting up and administering the Gelco ExpenseLink/Direct service, an automated Travel and Expense Management service. We will refer to this person as the Program Administrator (PA).

A Gelco Representative will be assigned to help set up the program.

Click these buttons to see the Steps to Success that contain a series of decision-making and action steps to assist you in the process of implementing the Gelco service.

The Implementation Guide is formatted to follow the implementation timeline Gelco has created. Included are the following necessary steps:

  • Make arrangements with the charge card company
  • Deve% the implementation profile
  • Train employees
  • Determine information reporting needs
  • Prepare employees for enrollment
  • Samples of important documents and forms are also included.

    Timely Tips are practical, easy-to-implement timesaving suggestions.

    Please feel free to access the Implementation Guide for future reference.

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