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Alaska Intergrative Medicine


Alaska Integrative Medicine (AIM) is a multi-disciplinary practice integrating Bodywork and Massage modalities from the West, with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from the East. We offer a variety of quality therapies to assist each client to reach optimum health and an improved quality of life.

An Oriental system of addressing a number of physical, mental and emotional complaints by inserting needles into specific points to help restore harmony to the body. Complaints such as asthma, back pain, sinusitis, bowel and menstrual problems can be relieved.

Massage Therapy & Medical Massage
The integration of multiple massage techniques in response to a soft tissue problem, in accordance with a physician’s diagnosis, such as back pain, tennis/golfer’s elbow, neck and shoulder problems and other complaints.

Chinese Herbalism
A Chinese system of using herbal blends to address multiple conditions such as acne, hay fever, insomnia and migraine.

The use of a specialized massage to the foot, focusing on Reflex Zones, that helps promote blood circulation. It is a popular form of therapy to help keep the body in good working order. It is also used to address complaints such as tinnitus, headache, stress, diarrhea, and Raynaud’s Disease.

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