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Susan Bowman, aspiring ice skater
Anchorage, Alaska

When I fell on the ice and tore my shoulder, my first physical therapist was unable to make progress and suggested surgery. I turned to David and with his therapy using massage and acupuncture, my shoulder healed. No surgery needed.

Jessica Marshall PT
New Jersey

David is a dynamic asset. He demonstrates a vast knowledge base as well as a toolbox for treatment procedures. Developing a friendly and therapeutic relationship with clients, he also adds a warm climate for healing. He works on a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological diagnoses in this clinic with great success. Professionally he initiates communication and treatment plan updates easily and offers new, valuable information on treatment variations and evaluative tools. His acupuncture knowledge combined with kinesiology/ physical therapy background compliment each other for a well-rounded approach to health and healing. David is a pleasure to work with for all the reasons I mentioned above. He is also a model to his clients as he "practices what he preaches" in his own life. He has been an amazing asset to our clinic and comes to you with my highest recommendations.

Tom Puls
Anchorage, Alaska

I had a major rotator cuff operation. After three weeks with three different physical therapists, David started working on my shoulder. I immediately gained motion and had decreased daily pain.

Gary Miller
Anchorage, Alaska

David is very intuitive in working with my body aches and pain. He is able to easily go right to the root cause and redirect toward healing. He=s also quick to point out when to push and when to watch it in the exercises he shows me. His professional manner and knowledge always assist me in better understanding about my body. I have worked with him on a hurt shoulder and would recommend him to anyone.

Jinnie Nims
Anchorage, Alaska

I have struggled with adult onset asthma for several years. Even with medication, I often could not keep it under control. After my first acupuncture treatment I had a decrease in symptoms. It was amazing

David E. Tydings
Anchorage, Alaska

I suffered a posterior dislocation of my left shoulder. Through the hands on treatment and exercises reccommended at AIM I was extremely satisfied with my recovery and ability to return to daily and extracurricular activities. The professionalism and response to my needs regarding my injury was very supportive.

Mary Bradley
Anchorage, Alaska

I was under a lot of stress and was breaking out in acne on my face, chest, and back. I didn't have this much of a problem when I was a teenager. David gave me herbs and within two weeks the problem cleared up and since then I haven=t had a reoccurence.

Alene Lampkin
Anchorage, Alaska

I'm a stroke patient. Through Acupuncture and Massage Therapy my movements have improved and my pains are fewer. Thanks David.

Mary Ernst
Anchorage, Alaska

Since my knee surgery, I have had challenges with weakness and inflammation in my right knee. David has the amazing ability to help me through each situation and keep me mobile and very quickly, I might add. He just seems to know the area to work on. I have seen many very good therapists and would rate him at the top of the field in "keeping my body parts moving easily."

Tom Dunagan
Anchorage, Alaska

I had a double operation for a rotator cuff and biceps tear. I underwent extensive rehabilitation with David. He was competent and knowledgeable and with his assistance my healing process was accelerated and flexibility restored.

Carol Todd
Anchorage, Alaska

I was very pleased with therapy I had with David following my shoulder surgery. Professional and friendly, David approaches injury or pain seriously and treats these patiently. His knowledge in related fields, like nutrition or exercise, also helped my recovery. David is a therapist who can soothe pain and restore function in a manner that is skilled, caring and pleasant. I would certainly recommend him to someone seeking treatment.

Scott Berglund
Anchorage, Alaska

Over the past 7 weeks I have seen three different people for therapy on my shoulder. I have regained a tremendous amount of range of motion from a shoulder that was very stiff after 9 weeks in a sling recovering from shoulder surgery. I am most impressed with the work you have done on my shoulder. The largest gains in mobility were after sessions with you. I like the way you work to isolate specific areas that need attention. It is easy for me to relax when you are holding my arm and moving it around, because I trust you. I like the fact that you have training in acupuncture and energy work, I think this brings an extra dimension to your work that has helped me. I like the way you encourage me to let you know how the work feels, and not to push it. Most of all I feel at ease when you are working on me, and being at ease makes it easy for me to let the help (your work), help I am really glad you are here. Thanks again.

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